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A Message from Jason

I'm Dedicated to People of District 25

District 25 is my home. I was born and raised right here in Rapides Parish. I’m the proud father of two and a grandfather to four. I’m fighting for a brighter future for our families, our parish, and our entire state. I had an entire career running towards trouble to help those that needed it most. Now, I have more to give in service to our families, and I’m determined to bring that leadership and experience to Baton Rouge.

The people in District 25 of Louisiana know what it means to work hard, and so do I. That’s why I'm ready to get to work for you and with you. I will need your help though. If you’re ready to see someone who’s not going to play games in Baton Rouge, stand with me today. I promise that my vote cannot be bought, negotiated, or swayed. I am there to represent District 25 and it's best interests. Let’s get to work.

Early Voting
September 30 - October 7

Rapides Parish Courthouse
701 Murray Street - Alexandria
Kees Park Community Center
2450 Hwy 28 East - Pineville

Election Day
October 14

Individual Precincts
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The Plan

Jason understands that public safety is key to a thriving community. A safe district leads to a strong economy and attracts good-paying jobs. Safe communities provide a nurturing environment for families to grow and thrive. It all goes hand in hand. In state government, that means providing basic services, growing our economy, and finding a way to lower health insurance rates. Jason is committed to making our district a safer, stronger, and more prosperous place to live. I will be ready to tackle the challenges facing District 25 on day one.

The Priorities
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Six Reasons To Vote For Jason

Community Focused
Supports Farmers
Country Values
Supports Small Businesses
Responsive to Needs
Active Community Member

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